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In the early 1970’s, the engineers at ROGUE TOOL CO. designed and manufactured tools for the installation of lock bolts. At the time, millions of lock bolts were used in the assembly of transportation equipment such as aircraft, trucks, trailers, railroad cars, ships, and other allied products. While promoting these tools for use in railcar repair shops, the ROGUE TOOL representative would discuss various aspects of repair methods with the shop superintendents.

One of the major railroads had a huge shop where cars were repaired and rebuilt. Although safety rules were strictly enforced, there had been a rash of serious injuries, many involving the change-out of cushioning devices. The block and jack method was still in use, but the fork lift was becoming the standard for the change out. This required a man to position himself under the car in order to guide the device into the pocket, while the fork lift operator jockeyed the lift into position. One OOPS!!, and the man under the car could find himself occupying a hospital bed.

As the superintendent was quite concerned about the accident rate, he asked the ROGUE TOOL rep if he thought his company would be interested in developing a tool that would be safe and efficient, and could replace the fork lift. The ROGUE TOOL engineers came up with a tool that far exceeded the features outlined by the superintendent. It was the CAR MASTER. Now rather than balancing a several hundred pound device on the blades of a fork lift, it rested on a flat table top that could be safely adjusted while the device was being raised toward the pocket. This would eliminate the dangerous balancing act that resulted in serious injuries. Now, the cushioning device can be changed out quickly, safely and efficiently by only one man, with almost total assurance that a leg or an arm will not be broken in the process.

The first CAR MASTER was a floor model, the D510. As it became standard equipment in shops throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico, some GCF’s requested design variations to meet a specific requirement of the shop. By heeding the requests of the foremen, ROGUE TOOL CO. developed a family of car masters, including the RAILRIDER, that may be swivel top, swivel-sliding top 3000# capacity, with either 115 vac or shop air power. The D510XLRR is especially suited for COC cushioning devices. Many superintendents have stated, "The CAR MASTER is the greatest tool we have in the shop." One CMO, noting the efficiency of the CAR MASTER, asked if a unit could be developed that would fit in the pit of a locomotive shop. The ROGUE TOOL designers took the suggestion seriously, and developed a draft gear carriage that satisfied the CMO, the D194. Immediately, a unit was purchased for each of his locomotive repair shops.

The ROGUE TOOL CO. designers are always ready to hear suggestions from the experienced shop workers.

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